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Seems you found the good side of the internet!

Here, you can find some projects of mine, interesting finds on the web as well as links to the more corporate side of things. Just select your favourite topic out of that list there.

As of Recent

Here, you can find out how to calculate Euler's number with household items. Very practical if you don't have an internet connection. Go right ahead, save the page to disk! You never know!


Say hello to kyun, a text editor specifically for uwu-style cutesy text. What a horrible idea, you say? Well, you know... you might be right actually.


The best way to contact me is vía email: in͎̙f̱͉o@f͖̩i͉-̱̙͍l̥e̘̬̬.͈ṇ̖e̫͔ͅt̟

I also used to have a guestbook. The external provider shut down though, so I tried to make my own! This was a lot of fun, but promptly flooded with bots. Oh well, I guess I'll be back some day with an improved version. Until then, thanks to the folks who contributed!